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Volunteer Program

PEDRRU has received volunteers from many countries including the UK, USA, Australia and Norway. We welcome volunteers to stay for any length of time, whether it is a few weeks or a number of months.

Volunteers will be accommodated in comfortable self-contained housing with Western amenities within the PEDRRU compound. This ensures daily interaction with PEDRRU staff and refugees. Volunteers will also be provided with three delicious Congolese meals a day.

PEDRRU is based in the Nateete district of Kampala, about twenty minutes from the city centre. Kampala is an extremely safe and vibrant African city with access to both African and Western facilities.

Education Programmes

Adult English Programmes - All the refugees face the same problem when they arrive in Uganda: language. Many of the refugees are from countries such as DR Congo, Rwanda and Burundi, which do not share common languages with Uganda. This means that the adult refugees struggle to find employment and carry out daily tasks once they cross the border.

PEDRRU currently runs two Adult English Programmes. One is situated at the KURCEC Primary School, where parents and relatives of the school's pupils learn English before the children start their lessons. The second programme is situated in the centre of Kampala. Both these programmes serve the local urban refugee community.

PEDRRU also plans to open a third English Programme in the near future. Volunteers will work with staff members of PEDRRU in helping these refugees to learn English. The adults are generally very responsive and eager to learn as they recognize the importance of mastering English to forge a life in Uganda for them and their families.

Children's Education - PEDRRU is very active in providing education to as many refugee children that is possible. Along with sponsoring many orphaned and single parent children, the organization co-runs Kampala Urban Refugee Children's Education Centre (KURCEC) which is a primary school serving both refugee children and disadvantaged Ugandan children.

Of the school's 150 students, just over half are refugees. Volunteers will work with the school staff to help teach English (and other subjects if possible) to the children and help enhance their self esteem. The volunteers will frequently be faced by large classes with children of wide ranging age and English abilities, often in the same class.

Although they are sometimes a challenge to teach, the children always warmly receive volunteers and school staff are always on hand to give help and advice.

Social Development

PEDRRU's primary aim in the area of social development is to assist the refugees with income generating projects to enable the refugee community to make a living for themselves and their families in Uganda. In addition to this, PEDRRU aims to develop a sense of community among the refugee population through drama, sports and dancing.

Vocational Training - PEDRRU currently runs a sewing/tailoring programme. As many of the refugees are unemployed, a practical skill is important to enhance their possibility of generating an income. We currently seek volunteers who have practical skills of any kind, and if we feel that the skill could be of importance to the refugee community, we will happily receive and assist them in starting new vocational training programmes.

Cultural and Sports Activities - Many of the refugee youths are vulnerable to idleness and the cultural and sports activities are a good way to encourage them to take an active part in society. We are looking for volunteers who have experience in coaching sports or are interested in teaching the refugees other cultural activities, such as drama or dancing. This is a part-time programme and can easily be supplemented with other PEDRRU activities.

Health Care

Due to their situation, the urban refugee community is vulnerable to various issues such as lack of access to free health care and information on health and sanitary issues such as malaria and HIV/AIDS.

Counseling - PEDRRU has various counseling groups. We currently run an HIV/AIDS counseling programme which gives support to men and women living with the virus. Many refugee women have been victims of sexual violence and the counseling groups are vital in their rehabilitation. PEDRRU also runs seminars to inform refugees about common health issues and how to prevent them. Volunteers with a background in counseling will be gladly received and will have an interpreter to assist them in the sessions.

Health Clinic Work - PEDRRU sends health sector volunteers to a local health clinic which provides free health care to both Ugandans and a sizable amount of refugees. Volunteers will work along side local staff and assist them in their work at the clinic. We will welcome any volunteer with a medical background from doctors, nurses to lab assistants. Working at the clinic can either be full time or supplemented with the counseling programme.

Program Fee

Two weeks to one month $800
Six weeks $1100
Two months $1400
Ten weeks $1800
Three Months $2000
Four Months $2400
Five Months $3000
Six Months $3500

The local fee covers airport pick up and departure, project donation, accommondation, and meals during your placement and Supervision during your stay.

You will need a weekly budget of about US$20 to cover your bottled water, and personal cost.

To check your currency conversion rates, you can use the tool at http://www.x-rates.com/calculator.html.

To Apply

To apply for a volunteer placement, please send your resume to volunteer@pedrru.org with details of when and how long you plan to stay, and what programs you would like to be involved in.

If you have any questions about volunteering please direct them to lisa@pedrru.org.

We look forward to hearing from you!