School children - Sarah Orphans

Child Sponsorship

A child's education is their hope for the future, and also hope for Uganda. Refugee children often arrive orphaned or from families too poor to pay their school fees. PEDRRU matches the children most in need with international donors to help give the children a chance.

Donors wishing to support a child's education can either donate via PEDRRU, or email us for information on how to wire the money directly to the school itself.

PEDRRU refers children to different schools depending on whether the child is from an English or French speaking country. The fees are as follows:

English Speaking Schools

Boarding School Primary: US$43 per month.
Boarding School Secondary: US$50 / month.

Day school: US$20 / month.

Due to the frequency of domestic problems PEDRRU recommends children are enrolled in boarding schools rather than day schools.

How To Sponsor

You can wire your donation to the following account:

Name of Bank: Nile Bank:
Plot 22: Jinja Road
P.O.Box 2834
Kampala UGANDA
East Africa
Swift Code: NEBANGKA
Type of Account: Current
Bank Account: PEDRRU 462396007

Please contact us with your information so we know what the donation is for, and so we can send you information on the child you are helping. You can also arrange to wire your donation directly to the school.