Our Vision for the Future

PEDRRU is still a young and relatively small organisation. But we have plans to expand and help many more refugees in the future, and you can help us to meet these goals.

Kampala Urban Refugee Children's Education Centre

This is our main area of focus. At the moment the school is situated in a temporary wooden structure, with different academic years often sharing one classroom. The classes are too small, too few with no electricity and there is a lack of appropriate scholastic material! However we are constantly trying to improve the school environment for the children and our long term goal is to build a school which the children deserve.

Our immediate aim is to renovate a nearby brick structure to accommodate the classes and also providing lunch for the children as many do not eat throughout the school day. In the long term we would like to build boarding accommodation at the school site so we can welcome vulnerable orphaned and single-parent children. Currently we send these children to expensive Ugandan schools which put great strain on our resources. If we achieve these goals it will mean better education for a greater number of children.

We are looking for funding to meet these ambitions on an ongoing basis. The first stage of the work is the building of a roof and completion of the brickwork. Once this is completed the children will be able to make use of the building. To complete this stage will cost $6600.

Other Goals for the Future

We will soon start working directly in Uganda's refugee camps, to provide better service and assistance to newly arrived refugees and camp dwellers. We will also provide temporary accommodation for newly arrived asylum seekers in Kampala who are awaiting permission to move to the camps. At the moment many of the newly arrived asylum seekers are forced to live outside, on the streets, whilst this process takes place.

In the long term we are looking to expand the social development programmes to include small enterprises to generate employment. In terms of health care we are aiming to start a small community clinic as some PEDRRU staff are medical professionals.

How you can help!

If you would like to donate money to the above programmes then please contact the staff at PEDRRU, we will be happy to answer any queries that you may have. However if you want to make a smaller donation, this too can make a difference to refugee lives in Uganda. Please see our gift aid scheme below.

  • US$5 will buy 100 bricks for the building of the school or a treated mosquito net.
  • US$7 will buy a child a school uniform at KURCEC or a text book for the school.
  • US$10 will buy 3 HIV testing kit or material to produce three trousers.
  • US$20 will buy a desk for three children or 8 pieces of timber for the school roof.
  • US$60-65 will pay a teacher's wages for one month or a sewing machine for the tailoring programme.

Note: PEDRRU staff on ground will allocate funds to the programme in most need. But we will always keep you informed about where the money is spent.


You can wire your donation to the following account:

Beneficiary Bank

Name: Barclays Bank (U) LTD
Account Name: PEDRRU
Account Number: 0710101079
Swift code: BARCUGKX

Intermediary Bank

If you are sending EURO:
Correspondent bank: BANK PLC LONDON
Code: BARCGB22
Number: 203 253 57227222

If you are sending Pounds:
Code: BARCGB22
Number: 203 253 20763284

If you are sending USA Dollars:
Number: 050 022 989

Once received, we will send you a report of how your money will be allocated.
Thank you for your support!