About Pedrru

PEDRRU was founded in 2005 to address the needs of the refugee community in Uganda. We focus primarily on pregnant women and children under fifteen years old. Our work is divided into education, health, and social development projects.

PEDRRU is a non-political humanitarian organization, serving East African refugees in Uganda. Based in Kampala, our primary focus is in education and child sponsorship. We also provide health ,community development services and human rights awareness and advocacy.

PEDRRU has extended its activities in the Eastern DR Congo,head office based in BUKAVU town at IBANDA district runing the same programmes as Uganda with focus on displaced and other vulnerable communities victim of war violence and ethnic discrimination (Tutsi Nyamulenge and Pygmees populations).


PEDRRU's aims to help refugees acquire a basic knowledge of English and other appropriate languages to help them become productive members of Ugandan society and allow them to support themselves and their families.

We facilitate the education of poor and orphaned refugees, by paying their school fees or matching them with international donors.

With the help of international volunteers, PEDRRU has founded our first school for English. The school teaches three classes: Beginner's and Advanced English for adults, and English for children. There are 65 students enrolled.


Unreliable water supply, poor sanitation, high HIV prevalence, and an ongoing malaria epidemic are just some of the health challenges refugees in Uganda face on a daily basis.

PEDRRU helps refugees tackle these problems by providing mosquito nets, conducting educational seminars on sexual awareness and HIV, providing refugees with soap and cleaning products, and educating them about hygenic preparation of food.

Social Development

Sustainability and self-sufficiency are one of the greatest gifts an organization can provide. Income generating projects help pull families out of dependency on aid and foster a sense of acheivement and self worth, and stimulate the economy of an impoverished country.

PEDRRU's social development programs include jewellery making, tailoring, agriculture, and the administration of a community sports program.

PEDRRU staff

PEDRRU's staff

Bigirinama's Story

My name is Bigirinama. My wife and I escaped from tribal war and social discrimination in Bukavu, DR Congo. Several members of my family were murdered and there was an attempt to rape my wife and kill me, so we fled to Rwanda.

Once we got there, we found soldiers taking children by force to use in their fight against the government of Congo. Again we fled, this time to Uganda.

After a few months in a refugee camp, we witnessed more children being forced into the army, so we left the camp. My family and I now live in Kampala under the support of PEDRRU.

My wish is to be in a country of security and continue with my studies.